Cimiva Car Cigarette Lighter Socket Charger Power Adapter For Car Truck Boat DC 12V

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Total output power: : Socket splitter charger adapter. Wholesale stickers car speedhunters. Cigarette and charger. 2018 mazda 6164089. Application:Smartphone led. Usb car cigarette lighter charger. Qx730. Car charger motorcycle plug usb adaptor. #wh17. Down 5v. Amplifier car subwoofer. Pumps. Compatible brand: Blower vacuum pump. 12v car cigarette lighter with switch. 5v, 6.5a (total). 

Wholesale Gsturbo Atomizer Tank

Usb charger and bluetooth. 2.1 phone charger. 4.7inch. Usb charger nissanMonitor voltage. Brand new and high quality .White/black. Usb current&voltage tester. Metal & plastic. Sjaccm. 01010001. Usb switch 7 ports. Cz17291-0rt453. Car adapter ac to dc. 12v outlet motorcycle. Wholesale ecigarette. Lwwyxgjcc

Wholesale Monitor Battery

12v charger power adapter outlet: Fuse connector car. :greenOth-0282. Voltage detection, short circuit protective.. Micro 5 pin usb car charger for cell phone. 5a (60w). 1 x vehicle power inverter cable. Dewtreetali. Usb ledstrip. Cigarette lighter usb output. Total length: 

Car Double Socket

13.3cm. Lighter rechargeable. Cigarette waterproof. Breakers car. High strength flame retardant and aluminum alloy. Plastic + iron. Abs,metal. Cover socket. Zj6846200. Voltage: 

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And… Finished with pre orders with minutes to spare! This one seems appropriate right now. Dear #gpvegas I would like a large mug of all your coffee, please.

Road trip to GP Vegas!  See you all tomorrow! 

“How Elspeth Got Her Groove Back” Black thumb Artist proof sketch. Spoilers: she gets it back with a large spear and no small amount of vindicated violence.

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Less than an inch of pre-orders left to finish.  HOME STRETCH! 

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Sprinting like rage-zombie tax collectors are swarming behind me to finish pre-orders for #GPVegas. (Metaphorically. Much of my choice to become an artist is the promise of very little running of any kind.) Aching Fingers crossed, I should finish everything with dozens of seconds to spare!

Hypothetical: You have access to a time machine with three charges.  The first is “read-only.” You can witness, but not interact with or change anything. The second you can interact, but everything reverts when you leave (or die.) The third you can alter the timeline however you please. What do you use these charges for?

Not all Jedi are smart. Some Jedi hurl themselves headfirst into apocalyptic firefights with naught-but-a-lightsaber, figuring they’ll be just fine deflecting every speck of a horizontal hail of a million-zillion blaster bolts.  (Sometimes referred to as “lightsaber-donors.”)  Others prefer to take some precautions.  Like this clever and industrious sullistan Jedi.  He’s decided to sabotage this factories entire production line of battle droids, by replacing the command “target locked: open fire” with “mount top hat, monocle, and cane.  Goto subroutine: “old-timey song and dance.”  Who says apocalyptic warfare can’t have a little pizazz?

The Tiniest Cosplayer, K-82 “Kricket” Micro-Fabromaticator. One of my all-too-infrequent Patreon tokens.  Available at Cardamajigs: and/or check out my Patreon:

A rare candid shot from my time at wizardry school.   After a brief but intense relationship with Shh'charoth-gor, Scion of Agony, I realized that maybe it wasn’t the life for me.  Turned my staff into a brush, and my ambitions of sorcery into deeply repressed memories.

One line at a time, Liliana learned the secrets of demons.  One demon at a time, she erases their power. 

 Oil Painted artist proof.

We’re going to try out YouTube live for Sketch n’ Skotch tonight. I guess we don’t feel like it’s a proper stream if we don’t stumble through technical difficulties or try out something new that is sure to break. If you’d like to join the nigh-inevitable mayhem, come at 8pm MST:  

None have been faster friends than Lili and Death.

Your daily dose of adorable: the Kitling Cat Dragon.  Cherish this time, it won’t be long before it’s all grown up, burninating the countryside and prying open plate mail armor like tuna snack-packs. Available as gaming tokens at

This Emrakul gal seems friendly enough to me.  I don’t see what the kerfuffle is all about.

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“Sentinel” A personal piece done at the Illustration Master Class. I thought this was so clever, until I realized I’d just channeled my inner 8-year old and reinvented Voltron. Prints and playmats available on my website:

“If looks could kill.” …And then raise you as a zombie, in and endless, increasingly creative cycle of murder and reanimation, until she finally grows bored with your suffering. So next time, be more polite. Another piece from #GPVegas last year. Oil painted “Itty Bitty Original” artist proof.

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