2017 Japan Tradition Japanese Kimono Men Black White Yukata Clothing 3pcs Sets Vest Top Coat Cosplay Bathrobe Show 042502

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Dress Kaftan

Mens clothing african. 878 879. Dd107. Korean traditional accessoriesWholesale black cheongsam. Women summer cardigan : Jk097Black , red , light blue , blue , pink ,. Long pants: Homewear: 

Wholesale Hot New Trends 2017

Pink nation clothing. T60022. 110cm,120cm 130cm 140cm,150cm. Black silk qipao. Color : Component: Red uniform. Summer yukata. Church wedding dressLinen cardigans for women. Photograph. 

Japanese Style Shoes

Traditional dresses for women india. Performance wear type: Kids kung fu. Skirts ethnic. T60035. Wholesale 2018 jumpsuits for women. Contain: Women miniskirts. S, m, l, xl. Tribal print blouses: Hanfu men: 82002. Hula skirts sets. Long qipao. 

Short Kimono Chiffon

Tradition infanta. Restaurant cleaning service. Kimono lace dress. Beach kimono. Japanese cotton kimono robeKorean clothes. Wholesale european mens clothing. L,xl,xxl,xxxl,4l,5l,6l. Black red,light blue,red,white.. Dancing. Skirt type: Sh015. New arrival novelty performance costume. T60053. Receptionist uniform. Silk,bamboo fiber. Kk832. 

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And… Finished with pre orders with minutes to spare! This one seems appropriate right now. Dear #gpvegas I would like a large mug of all your coffee, please.

Road trip to GP Vegas!  See you all tomorrow! 

“How Elspeth Got Her Groove Back” Black thumb Artist proof sketch. Spoilers: she gets it back with a large spear and no small amount of vindicated violence.

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Less than an inch of pre-orders left to finish.  HOME STRETCH! 

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Sprinting like rage-zombie tax collectors are swarming behind me to finish pre-orders for #GPVegas. (Metaphorically. Much of my choice to become an artist is the promise of very little running of any kind.) Aching Fingers crossed, I should finish everything with dozens of seconds to spare!

Hypothetical: You have access to a time machine with three charges.  The first is “read-only.” You can witness, but not interact with or change anything. The second you can interact, but everything reverts when you leave (or die.) The third you can alter the timeline however you please. What do you use these charges for?

Not all Jedi are smart. Some Jedi hurl themselves headfirst into apocalyptic firefights with naught-but-a-lightsaber, figuring they’ll be just fine deflecting every speck of a horizontal hail of a million-zillion blaster bolts.  (Sometimes referred to as “lightsaber-donors.”)  Others prefer to take some precautions.  Like this clever and industrious sullistan Jedi.  He’s decided to sabotage this factories entire production line of battle droids, by replacing the command “target locked: open fire” with “mount top hat, monocle, and cane.  Goto subroutine: “old-timey song and dance.”  Who says apocalyptic warfare can’t have a little pizazz?